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Repetition is critical to language learning

Learning a new skill requires repetition.

When we are teaching our kids to drive in my state, we have to give them 100 hours of practise before they are able to go for their driving test.

Learning to talk is a new skill.
A remarkable one really.
My favourite one to watch and observe.

Repetition is really important for learning language.
* Read the same books.
* Sing the same songs, over and over.

Routines are in my opinion the best and easiest moments of our days to build language.

Changing nappies (perhaps this is tricky with twins or more!)
Bath time
Getting dressed
Meal times
Getting in and out of the pram / car
Being in the swing
These routines happen day in and day out… so you can use them to build your toddler’s talking.

The Toddler Talk Kit gives 5 key strategies that will build your toddler’s talking in the everyday routine moments.
Speech pathologists teach these to our parents all. the. time.
If your toddler is between 1- 3 years these strategies will work.
To find out more, you can head here.
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