Imitation is one of our most basic social skills

When babies are born imitation is present.

You see the newborn copying your facial changes.

As they get older, they will copy your actions.

Then older still your words.

Language develops through this skill of imitation.

And, with it connection and reciprocal conversation.

If you are worried about your toddlers talking. Try copying their actions.

Join in with their play!

  • Grab a shovel and dig with them in the sandpit.
  • Splash with them in the bath.
  • Get a doll and copy what they are doing .
  • Get a truck and drive it.

You get the picture, whatever your toddler is keen on doing. You do it.

Follow their lead and copy the action.

Copying actions is easier than copying words.

Then you add the word.

Harness the power of imitation to build language.

If you are keen to know more powerful strategies that build talking in our young children then I invite you to have a look at my Toddler Talk Kit.

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