First words that give our toddlers personal power

I think one of the most important gifts we can give our children is self-determination.

The ability to make choice and manage their own lives – clearly ages and stages influence how this looks in the day to day of life.

As a mum who has older teenagers, I will give you the heads up… it hurts a little when your gift of independence looks like they move out of home!

But thinking of self determination and how it relates to talking. I believe, it really is at the heart of it.

If you can tell someone what you want, what you need and what you like then it is infinitely easier.

At 18 months most toddlers are beginning to use words to communicate.

My favorite early words to focus on with our toddlers are the words that give them some personal power.

Words like:

More – so you can give them a little drink and then set up a situation where they will need to say or sign ‘more’;

Finish – so when they are done rather than dumping their food on the ground, they may learn to say or sign finished

Stop – again powerful to tell someone you want something to stop

Go – again you can set up a situation on the swing, where you stop them, look them in the eye, wait… and hopefully they will say / sign go

You get the picture. Words give us power. Spoken or signed.

So have a think about the words that will give your toddler some personal power.

If you are keen to learn more, in my Toddler Talk Kit I dive into 5 key techniques that get toddlers talking, as well as 10 key words / signs that are fantastic to start with. Head here to learn more.

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