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Expectations… they rob us of a lot!

I was thinking the other day, as I had sat down to do a 15-minute mediation.

My boundaries were in place (or so I thought).

  • Headphones in
  • Timer on
  • Eyes closed

And my 12-year-old walked into the room and climbed into my lap.

Now at this stage I could have felt mad that I had clearly set up the situation for zero external interaction.

Instead, I let go of that emotion – it came up, I said hello to it and I let it go.

She joined me for whatever time period was left.

When we look around in our lives, we can see lots of times where our expectations may be getting in the way of enjoying the moment.

I see it in myself … ‘no, you were meant to have no gluten, dairy, sugar or fun today’

I see it in others… ‘friendships are meant to look like x, y or z’

I see it in parents of young children… ‘they should be doing a, b, c’.

If there is one thing 19 years of parenting has taught me it is this.

Let go of your expectations.

Lead with love.

Be in the moment.

Not always easy, but so very worthwhile.

Trust that you are showing up as best you can.

Put some boundaries in place – like my experience they are absolutely worth a try, but be sure to know when you want them to be strict ‘do not cross’ boundaries or a little softer around the edges.

Let go of ‘should’. If I ever find myself thinking … “I should do…” I remind myself that the word ‘should’ often indicates a weed. Look closely at it to see if it can be ripped out.

And then follow the breadcrumbs to the information you need.

Because, I always find that when I am empowered with knowledge, I can trust that I am showing up as I need.

For me.

For my kids.

For our team.

If you are looking for knowledge about supporting your toddlers talking, then my Toddler Talk Kit will provide you with the peace of mind to know you are showing up and supporting their talking as best you can.

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