Motivation: A key ingredient to building CALM connection.

Motivation is an interesting thing. The older I get the more critical it appears to me. I might know something but until I am motivated by it I don’t tend to overly engage in it. Motivation drives everything we do. I am motivated to create Small Connections so that I can share actionable information to […]

The four steps to CALM Connection

Small Connections is about helping parents feel calm and confident supporting the development of their young child’s language and talking. There are four key ingredients to having CALM connection and communication with your young child. This then allows for talking and language to grow and develop. These four CALM ingredients are: Connection: How we feel, what […]

The power of being face to face…..

One very powerful way to engage and connect with your child is to get to their eye level and be face to face with them. This helps them to connect to you, to know that you are talking to them, it helps them understand and to listen to you. Recently my crazy dog ate a […]

Reflections on starting a new business…

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a learner. I am a reflector. I am a Speech Pathologist. I am a leader. I want to own what I do. I want to serve others. These are the thoughts that go through my mind as […]

My philosophy…Why I do what I do!!!

I want to share with you about what influences my perspective on the work that I do……I am a Speech Pathologist. I feel very passionately that working with parents is key to building and growing strong kids. I know that some children will need individual plans and support but I challenge that there are some […]

Let’s do things differently….Launch Day

Dear All, Well today is a big day. No more hiding. It is easy to have an idea and to think ‘well that would be a good thing’, but I have learnt over the last while  that taking a good idea to something useful for others is quite the journey. But here we are. From […]

Communication – Through the eyes of a Speech Pathologist.

Speech Pathologists look at communication as a series of different skill sets. So when we are considering where kid’s strengths are we are looking at what they understand, the words they use, the sounds that they use, the non-verbal skills they have and their understanding of the social constructs of communicating with others. I think […]

Communication is the essence of human life.

I love this phrase and from what I can see it can be credited to Dr Janice Light. There is such truth to it. Connection to others is known to bring happiness. So it is no wonder that parents can get worried if they are just not sure if what they see their own children […]


Dear Connectors, This is my first post on Small Connections. My first time at putting something that has been in my head for a long time out there into the Universe for people to know about. I am a Speech Pathologist. This is a site that will grow to support parents and families who are […]