Late talkers…. Risk factors and how to help.

I just learnt that Albert Einstein was a late talker. I found this interesting. I am not too sure why, I just did! I think it may be because it highlights that we all follow our own path and they are all awesome. We worry that if our child is not talking, then they won’t […]

Talking to learn…learning to talk..the value of books

On the weekend a friend of mine gave me a book she has written!  My kids are super impressed that we have a book signed by the author! It reminded me though of the ‘why’ I love books so much for our kids. Not only are they a gateway to new vocabulary (and research shows […]

Sometimes you just want to check in with someone…

Last week, I put my ‘baby’ girl (she is 15) on a plane and she went to France for 10 months. She has dreamt of this for years, begged us to allow it to happen and been so focused and excited about it. Then the reality hit all of us. Let me tell you planning […]

Puppies are perfect for building language!

If you have a small child, one way to support language development is to expand on what they are saying. The other day we were out walking and I watched a small child (about 18 months) get enthralled by a small dog. He was saying to his family “puppy, puppy” and pointing. Their response was […]

Routines – The Perfect Tool for Developing Language

I remember when my children were little and everyone would talk about routines. To be honest, I kind of heard blah..blah..blah.. as I am not a routine person. I like flexibility and I seem to really like change and as such when people would say you need routine. My brain would freeze a little. It […]

Is swapping sounds normal??

Parents are often concerned when their child is swapping sounds in words and I often get asked what sounds to expect at what age? It is a good question. I do think though one of the funniest things as a parent can be how our kids say words. I remember when I was a young child […]

Some common myths…about early communication development

I often hear families share that when they express concerns to their GP, Peadiatrician, Grandparent or friend a common response is the ‘wait and see’ approach. Often well-meaning and possibly sometimes spot on. The reasons though are often – “he is a boy and they are later to talk” or “she has a lot of […]

Tips for when you can’t understand what your young child is saying.

Is your child really cute, but you can’t always understand what they are saying? This is one of the glorious parts of early communication development. They are not meant to be saying everything exactly the same way as adults. Kids are learning the sounds and then learning how to combine them with other sounds. This […]

What is normal?

I get asked this question a lot. I actually have a love / hate relationship with the question as well. It implies there is a “right” way. We all travel our paths at our own pace and our kids development is the same. It is a marathon and not a sprint. It feels a bit […]

The importance of the first three years.

You will find a lot of information about the importance of the first three years. Rightly so they are critical. I remember when I first saw brain development represented as stockings full of rice like the photo above.  I loved it as it is such a clear image of the rapid rate of brain development. […]