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Should I be worried my 12-month-old is not talking?

As parents we worry. It is part of the job description. As humans we compare. Also, part of the job description. But truthfully, when a parent asks me about their 12-month-old and how much they should be concerned about… the speech pathologist in me goes straight to… let’s not worry too much about what your […]

Using swings to build language in toddlers

Swings are wonderous things. They always seem to diffuse tensions. If you are lucky to have one at home, they can really get you through the afternoon. They are ageless, my daughter who is a few days from finishing high school loves our swing. It is her happy place. She will go there and just […]

Expectations… they rob us of a lot!

I was thinking the other day, as I had sat down to do a 15-minute mediation. My boundaries were in place (or so I thought). Headphones in Timer on Eyes closed And my 12-year-old walked into the room and climbed into my lap. Now at this stage I could have felt mad that I had […]

When is a word… a word?

I would say, when it is intentional! When your toddler is sending a message to you, despite how it sounds or is shared. Often parents say to me that their toddler is not talking at all. When we look closely, we often find they are communicating more than it might seem. In the early stages […]

Imitation is one of our most basic social skills

When babies are born imitation is present. You see the newborn copying your facial changes. As they get older, they will copy your actions. Then older still your words. Language develops through this skill of imitation. And, with it connection and reciprocal conversation. If you are worried about your toddlers talking. Try copying their actions. […]

Repetition is critical to language learning

Learning a new skill requires repetition. When we are teaching our kids to drive in my state, we have to give them 100 hours of practise before they are able to go for their driving test. Learning to talk is a new skill. A remarkable one really. My favourite one to watch and observe. Repetition […]

We won’t (and should not try to) fit into a box!

I find myself pondering life, love and the Universe a lot lately. In these ponderings I have come to see we try to fit everything into a box (sometimes not consciously – mostly not consciously). Despite the fact that this box looks pretty fun! Boxes (with the exception of play things) make life way more […]